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UTSA offers K-12 science, technology, engineering and math summer camps

UTSA iTEC summer camp participantParents from the San Antonio area are invited to enroll their kindergarten through twelfth grade children in one or more weeklong summer camps that will be offered by the UTSA Interactive Technology Experience Center (iTEC). The camps will include morning, afternoon and all-day sessions at the UTSA Main Campus starting Monday, June 10 and running through August 16.

Camps at each grade level vary and include explorations in robotics, microbiology, human biology, geology, magical science, food chemistry, aviation, weather, forensics, biomedical and even rollercoasters!

Costs vary by camp; for details including camp schedules, visit the iTEC website at http://itec.utsa.edu.

With today’s increasingly complex world, the demand for jobs in high-tech, STEM-related areas has grown significantly in the past 20 years and is expected to continue growing in the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM careers are some of the best paying of occupations and also have the greatest potential for job growth.

ITEC’s mission is to inspire youth by creating an environment where they can understand how engineering, science and technology shape our lives and the future of our world. Its focus areas include robotics, telecommunications, rapid prototyping, programming and various applications of science and engineering.

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