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3-1-1 San Antonio’s Help Line

If you haven’t used it yet, You Should! 3-1-1 is one of the greatest community services the City of San Antonio could have. Just dial 3-1-1 and you can get help and information for a lot of issues. From an overgrown lot that needs to be cut, to animal issues, street potholes, social services, police issues and anything else you can think of, and that the city has its hands on.

There’s a street in my neighborhood, for example, that has so many holes that throughout the day I hear how vehicles driving over it “hit bottom” that’s how the 3-1-1 described the problem when I called thsi morning. She was prompt, courteous and took all detailed info to be reported to city public works. It take take some time, but I now know the city knows!

And If weeks go by and nothing happens? Call 3-1-1, there’s a record now I called, so it’s easy to follow up, see when you call they will give you a reference number.

Got a problem? Have a Question? Need to Report City code violations? Call 3-1-1

For more info visit the City’s website here: San Antonio 3-1-1

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