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A Healthy Mind and Body

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier: A healthy mind and body

When we associate the term “sports” with a pursuit, we automatically assume that the participants are elite athletes that follow the strictest nutritional programs and are physically active. However, there are sports that don’t follow the stereotypical elite athlete philosophy. Take sports like poker, darts and bowling for instance. All the aforementioned sports although classed under the banner of “sports” have little or any need to be physically in shape as for instance boxing or ice hockey. Or do they?


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There are many studies that now argue that, in order to be successful in anything in life you need to have a physically fit body and mind.

Regardless of what endeavor you are competing in or the time restrictions you are under, you should find time to workout. There’s also the fact that you don’t need a gym to workout, you can conduct such a workout anywhere, anytime.

So, lets have a look at a famous poker player in the form of Bertrand Grospellier who has debunked the stereotypical view that all poker players are fat slobs who don’t engage in physical workouts.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is a French poker player who has been playing at the elite level of the sport for many years. However, unlike some of his peers, he sees his levels of fitness as a key attribute to his success at the poker table. He attributes his ability to stay in tune with long games due to his good endurance levels.

In 2009, Grospellier aimed to raise the awareness of the health benefits of regular exercise when he engaged in a fitness challenge with fellow poker player Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi. The two players would compete against each other over seven different challenges. The prop bet amounted to approximately $230,000 a man and took place while the World Series of Poker was happening in 2009 as reported by Poker News.

Grospellier dispels the myth of poker players being unhealthy further, as he regularly goes to the gym during downtime at poker tournaments. This spin on the “always on the road” profession is what Grospellier says is trying to help the next generation of players realize the importance of leading a healthy life while engaging in such a sedentary game. Ever since online gaming and casino gaming became so popular in 1996 via the first wagering portal InterCasino, the health ramifications of sitting for long periods of time have been apparent and much publicized by the media. Obesity levels have spiraled out of control as reported by Science Daily and gaming in general, has been blamed by many media outlets. But all of this can be countered if responsible gaming is undertaken.

Even 30mins of exercise per day can stave off the chances of gaining weight, heart disease and if you couple it with a nutritious diet the health benefits are endless.

So, if you are an avid poker player or enjoy online gaming, take a leaf out of Grospellier’s book and make sure you exercise regularly otherwise you may just fall into that pigeonhole of becoming an unhealthy gamer.

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