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Saint Arnold’s “Santo” Handcrafted Beer

My husband and I are not really professionals at beer tasting, but we do love a rich tasting dark , not too dark, handcrafted one.  This weekend while shopping, I was attracted to the design, colors, and bottle caps of Houston based Saint Arnold’s newest beer. 

It is called “Santo” meaning “Saint”, and it is the first one to feature the iconic patron Saint Arnold of beer as a smiling skull in a tall bishop’s hat of red and gold on the bottle label.  The skull is designed by Carlos Hernandez, the Houston artist known for his “Day of the Dead Rock Stars” series.

I read that “Santo” is brewed with the same Kölsch yeast as “Lawnmower”, another Saint Arnold beer.  Experts describe it as “light bodied and floral”, but with “a distinctive dark malt flavor.”  We thought that while very dark in color, the flavor did not overwhelm your taste. And we were impressed with the design, colors and basically a personality of it’s own.    

I recommend trying this beer, and if you don’t like it… you always have a great Day of the Dead designed bottle.

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