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In Memory of Dr. Rose

A family loss and that of a friend always leaves an empty space in our hearts.

Today a letter came in the mail from our Vet’s office…. Dr. Jeffrey Rose had passed, and we are saddened by the loss.

Dr. Jeffrey Rose

It takes a special person to care and love animals, and even a stronger spirit to put our pets to rest when we are left with no other option. Dr. Rose had been there with us and our dear pets when faced with those difficult moments.

Once he saved our cat Nada when a sudden kidney failure was eminent. He was there when our black Lab Negrita needed a miracle to survive an accident at only 5 months old, which she did, and grew to 15 years of happiness to the last days, when we had to say goodbye to our Shelty Panchito and our dear “batman” cat Ella May.

Thank you Dr. Rose for everything you gave us, and every unforgettable moment we shared. You are, and will be remembered as the very special human being you were. Thank you Dr. Rose for being there, you are much missed already.

"Negrita @ Casa Sol" Painting by Jasper

It is believed our dear and lost pets are waiting at “the end of the rainbow” between our world and the next to see us through… We trust and know Dr. Rose must have had a rowdy and loud welcome home… where at the end of the rainbow on a New Year’s Day 2012 there they were…. waiting with happy tails, woofs and meows to welcome you, into a better life Dr. Jeffrey David Rose,
June 17, 1962 – January 1, 2012

Patricio & Bernessa
Nada, Ella, Negrita, Lucy, Panchito and Joey!!

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