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A San Antonio Easter Tradition

For many families in San Antonio the Easter tradition to camp out at local parks once again brought plenty of local color, tons of food and BBQs, children playing, and of course colorful pinatas.  Here are a few photos we captured at Brackenridge Park.

Where does this tradition come from and for how long has it taken place in San Antonio? A recent research project conducted by UTSA in partnership with The Brackenridge Park Conservancy titled “Family Traditions, Easter celebrations in Brackenridge Park recorded over 800 photographs and words depicting the traditional week-long celebrations, and families who have been camping out for generations.   The  exhibition was photographed by UTSA President Ricardo Romo

“On Easter weekend, we experienced sights, sounds and smells that were at once familiar to us, yet different from other weekends,” Romo is quoted in a UTSA press release announcing the exhibit at the Witte museum.

According to The Brackenridge Park Convervancy “There is evidence of human visitation and occupation extending back at least 9,000 years, with more recent archaeological sites dating from the Spanish Colonial period and even the Civil War.”  brackenridgepark.org

Every year, San Antonio Parks and Recreation lifts local parks curfews to accommodate the Easter holiday campers.  Families who participate in this camping tradition were also asked to attend community meetings to learn more about recycling.

The curfew was lifted last Thursday, April 5, at 11 p.m., at selected parks, it will be reinstated at 11 p.m. on Easter Sunday, April 8.


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