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Grace Flores-Hughes, A Tale of Survival

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Grace Flores-Hughes, A Tale of Survival

GRACE FLORES-HUGHES has been both a career civil servant and political appointee in the federal sector. She served as one of the highest ranking Hispanics in the administration
of three Republican presidents. Born in Texas, the Harvard trained Flores-Hughes is the author of numerous magazine articles on diversity and on the term Hispanic, which she helped coin. Currently, she lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband Lt Gen. Harley A. Hughes, USAF (Ret). 

A Tale of Survival By Grace Flores-Hughes

A Tale of Survival is an explosive story that is much more than a
simple memoir of an Hispanic woman: it is an important, quintessential
American story of adversity and perseverance. This is a brutally
honest and provocative tale of not merely survival but success from
one who came from a time and place where success and
upward mobility for a Mexican-American was not only unlikely but damn
near impossible. Unlike some other Hispanic memoirs, Grace
Flores-Hughes describes her childhood and transition to adulthood and
beyond, against the tapestry of the modern Hispanic experience and the
sometimes turbulent era of the rebellious baby-boomer generation. She
writes of assimilation, racial and ethnic injustice, her role in
coining of the term Hispanic, and her championing the lives of the
disenfranchised before and after the civi rights movement. Further,
Ms. Flores-Hughes takes you on this treacherous journey while
exploring her encounter and friendships with many of America’s
leaders. She demonstrates in this colorful and spicy story that “Hold
the Salsa” has never been her style; a story that chronicles the emergence of a
child’s identity to that of an accomplished Hispanic.

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