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Holocaust Memorial Museum grant for local school books

"Our Voices, Our Lives" features the stories of 20 Holocaust survivors living in San Antonio.In support of their mission to educate students about the Holocaust, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in San Antonio was recently awarded a $4,900 grant by the Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Foundation. The grant will be used to purchase 100 copies of the resource book, “Our Voices, Our Lives: Twenty Holocaust Survivors” for distribution to area middle schools and high schools.

“Our Voices, Our Lives” features original testimonies from 20 Holocaust survivors from the San Antonio area whose stories were recorded by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute.

As part of the museum’s outreach campaign, survivors also devote their time going to local schools and talking about their harrowing experiences during World War II. The donated books will be signed by local survivors and presented to teachers and librarians.

“These books are going to schools that would otherwise not be able to purchase them on their own,” said Karen Menger, HMM Executive Director.

Menger sees a book like “Our Voices, Our Lives” spurring more student interest in learning more about WWII and the Holocaust. During these tours, students are presented with small cards, which read: “Now that you know, what will you do?” Menger hopes once students leave the museum, they can answer that question in their own way.

“Our Voices, Our Lives” is sold through the museum’s online store at www.hmmsa.org/shop.asp

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is dedicated to educating the community about hatred, prejudice and apathy. Through its exhibits and educational programming, the museum honors the lives of the six million Jews and other innocent victims of the Holocaust, and the inspirational legacy of those who survived. For more information, visit www.hmmsa.org

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