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Night at the Internet Improv: MEME’s the Word

Killing time while killing time waiting for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals to begin, the bustling ACTimes.com Sports department turned to that new age Office Olympic game: Filling time surfing the Internets. All of them.

And topping the trending charts on Twitter and Tumblr, or racking up the most “Likes” on Facebook are the viral tidal wave of NBA memes like this:


What’s a meme? Here’s Urban Dictionary’s definition:

 “An idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media). Derived from the Greek mimëma, ‘something imitated’.”

Naturally the blogosphere with all its creative juices would jump start Photoshop sarcasm.  Download a picture, add a clever joke line or word play, and voila! Instant Internet comedy improv.

Take this top Spurs meme making the rounds for example:

MEME-Game 5?

Awesomely creative, and seizing the moment on SA’s 8-0 playoff start.  Although we should expect a Game 5, and 6, possibly even 7 vs. OKC.

But while we wait for Sunday night to roll around, let’s take a look at some of the top trending memes making viral cameos.

Staying with the Spurs, since SA fans can be just as clever as any Wifi’d fan base in the NBA. Such as when Lebron James picked up his 3rd MVP award, Spurs Nation was quick on the meme draw:

MEME-Duncan 3 MVP

Direct. To the point. A gut shot to LBJ’s head-banded ego. Speaking of Lebron’s headbands…

MEME-Lebron Headbands

Lebron is an easy, and popular target in the Meme Octagon.  Take, for instance:

MEME-Lebron no ring

The kind of smack James will endure until that first NBA ring adorns his finger. The kind of disdain directed to the Heat as a whole, considering the Lebron/Chris Bosh exodus to join forces with Dwayne Wade in search of championship glory.

MEME-Dream Team

Ouch. The truth hurts.

Mainly hurts the side of your ribs from laughing so hard since the barbs are so on target.

MEME-Heat Cry

Where’s George Lopez to ask “Why you crying?” when you need him?

MEME-LeBron study

We know the Lebron “Lost in the 4th Quarter” look.

What’s Timmy’s crunch time face? Meme Nation knows:

MEME-Faces of Tim

Not a man of many faces. Just a poker face. Ok, and the “That foul was on ME?” look.
Not even Gregg Popovich can escape the meme satire scud missiles:


Especially when Hall of Fame coach known for defense has the top scoring team in the playoffs.

Meme Nation likes to invoke the voice of NBA legends from the past to poke fun at their alleged heir apparents:


MEME-Jordan Pippen







Lebron and Kobe Bryant: the top two hype-and-hate generating machines in all the league.

Here’s Bryant’s bulls-eye hits:

MEME-Kobe Sessions

See what a 42-point, ZERO assist elimination game performance does for your “Good Teammate” credibility, Kobe?


Don’t laugh. After all, if Shaq can return to Orlando to interview for their GM opening, is LA’s Player/GM/Coach too far fetched?


Like the old NBA adage goes, “If it walks like a ball hog, and talks like a ball hog…”

MEME-Kobe wife

Ouch again. Low blows come uncensored without any penalty flags or technical fouls.

Which allows for more taunts:


The only place where a classy Derek Fisher can actually say what everyone THINKS  he feels.

But we already knew what Kevin Durant thinks of Doodle Jump:

MEME-Durant Doodle

And now we know that the Lakers don’t meet Doodle standards.

For OKC’s Bearded bench beast, James Harden, his brainwaves are easy to read:

MEME-Ron Harden

Momentum suddenly is the next game’s violent elbow.

Or riding the coattails of the “Most Interesting Man in the World”:


MEME-Lebron XX












Kobe and LBJ remain the co-holders of the “Most Memed Men in the World” title belts.

And so we leave you with this, from the often used, wild-eyed smirking grin of Willy Wonka:


If it means the Golden Ticket for the Spurs to reach the NBA Finals, pass the bucket of Wonka bars.

We’ve got memes to work on.



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  1. Darth Vicious

    May 25, 2012 at 6:31 am

    These are absolutely hysterical! GO SPURS GO!

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