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Silent Moment in Memory of Mollie Olgin and to Keep Kristene Chapa in Prayers

2Many showed up from the San Antonio community to show their love and support for two teenagers who were shot in Portland, Texas earlier this week.
” A candle lit silent moment in memory of Mollie Olgin and to keep Kristene Chapa in prayers for a speedy yet well recovery ” was held at Woodlawn Park at 8:15.   We lit candles and singer Mallorie sang a beautiful song, and then a moment of silence followed by a release of 3 balloons

Jeremiah Mata says:
Tonight has left me absolutely speechless. The outcome of the Vigil in San Antonio was magnificent. The love and support that Molly & Kristene had from all the families and their kids showing up, was just absolutely breath taking. I love and want to thank everyone for the support for something tragic like this. We’ve managed to make about $100 for Kristene tonight, and a booth will be set up tomorrow at the Pride Event for the two girls. I am definitely going to sleep tonight smiling. I can’t get over how much support the communities and nation have come together for these two special girls who meant a great deal to me.
Thank you once again, and a good night to you all. 🙂 —

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