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Think Group Austin Looking for Focus Group

Think Group Austin has an upcoming paid focus group study in San
Antonio regarding grocery shopping habits on *Wednesday, August
8th*. We are looking for English speaking women (Latinas or
Caucasian) between the ages of 25-60 years who have children still
living in their household and who live in one of the following zip
codes: 78231, 78230, 78248, 78227, 78251,78238, 78223.  

** **

The study will last only *90 minutes* and you will *receive $75* for your time. We have multiple time slots available throughout the day.
Time slots and location will be determined by qualification and preference.****

If you are interested in participating,T please contact Melissa Schwartz at 512-637-6140 and indicate that you are calling regarding
the *San Antonio* study. Or feel free to email us mail [at] thinkgroupaustin [dot] com<info [at] thinkgroupaustin [dot] com>and in the subject
title put *San Antonio*.

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