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Fighting for San Antonio’s Hays Street Bridge

Hays Street Bridge from Erik Bosse on Vimeo.

The Hays Street bridge in San Antonio was built in 1908 by the Southern Pacific railroad and utilizing Federal funds for over $2-million dollars it has been restored to provide a public space.  But now, some want to use it for commercial development including a microbrewery that would use over half the bridge and seat 150 people. The proposal has already been presented.

This video was put together by those who rather keep it open and free to the public… to runners, walkers, bicyclists and everyone.

“We are in no way opposed to economic growth in San Antonio’s east side–we applaud any movement toward creating equitable and economically sustainable neighborhoods. I’m hopeful (though not terribly optimistic) that the microbrewery will be built in the vicinity but not intrude upon the bridge itself or the adjacent public land donated to the city as parkland.”

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