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“Save Our History Campaign” Press Conference

 Author and Historian George Nelson, Rosa Rosales Past President LULAC, Gabriel Rosales District 15 Director LULAC, Donna DeLeon President Jose Miguel Arciniega Descendents Society, Ed Mata President Bexareno Genealogy and History Society and Dan Arellano President Battle of Medina Society will be speaking in support of the “Save Our History Campaign” to be held on Wednesday August 15, 2012 at 2 PM on the side walk of City Hall.(south side) 

 Several members will sign up to speak at City Council during citizen’s communication at 6 PM. Citizens may sign up online at 8 AM at San Antonio City Council Agenda, Citizens to be heard. A large group is expected carrying signs saying “Save Our History”.

 Texas History after 1836 is well documented with historical markers but the hardships and sacrifices made by our Tejano ancestors has been forgotten. In particular the Battle of Medina; so disastrous was this event that one third of the Tejano community would be dead, one third would be in exile and one third would live in terror. On April 6th 1813 at the Spanish Governors Palace Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara declared the Independence of Texas. At La Quinta around 400 wives, mothers and daughters of our ancestors were imprisoned and brutally and repeatedly raped; several dying as a result of the brutality. At Plaza de Armas 327 Tejanos were executed and beheaded and there are no historical markers.

 Bringing awareness to this forgotten part of history is the goal of our society.


Dan Arellano President

Battle of Medina Society

darellano [at] austin [dot] rr [dot] com


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