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Escaping the Bear Trap: Why SA Loves LAC

I really thought the Spurs were about to enter another round of Grizzly season. I truly expected Memphis not to end up singing the blues. I didn’t foresee the limping LA Clippers would escape the bear trap. What Chris Paul and crew didn’t realize: they also did the same favor…

SA’s Torchbearers: Keepers of the Spurs Flame

You know what is just a mere 78 days away? No, that’s not how far away this year’s Tax Free Weekend is. But someone please let me know what weekend that is. On July 27, the 2012 Summer Olympics will kick off in grand style in merry ole London town. …

Trading Places: Crazy Game of Crazy 8’s

When is a No. 8 seed NOT a No. 8 seed? How can two seemingly similar situations for the Spurs, being the best in the West up against the last team in the postseason parade, suddenly seem like a time machine game of trading places? This was one thought simmering in my mind’s kitchen while […]

Spurs 4-Point Stand: Jazz Singing Playoff Blues

4-Point Stand: Jazz Singing the Blues Getting on all fours digging for thoughts and the like after the Spurs’ 106-91 win over the Jazz in Game 1 of the playoff series: 1. Le MVP Did you hear the chants ringing from the AT&T Center crowd in the 4th quarter with Tony Parker at the free […]

Video: Lakers-Spurs Highlights & Timmy-Tony-Manu: The Spurs’ Mamba Anti-Venom

“Very few mongooses, however old and wise, care to follow a cobra into its hole. You never know when the hole may open out and give the cobra room to strike.” – from “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling Funny how watching the Spurs/Lakers end of season collision in the AT&T Center…

NBA Playoff Poker: Spurs Go All In

“It is what it is…” The Spurs catchall catch phrase has long been a staple of San Antonio meet the press sessions. Gregg Popovich has uttered those words, give or take, a thousand times over the years. Spurs players at times don’t run the fast break as well as they…

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